tisdag 19 april 2011

How to choose an art director

Years ago David Gray and I was talking at a party about what us writers often chat about – How to choose and how to get the best art directors. David's idea is as true then as it is today – All you want in an art director is the capability to make you as a writer to look good. As simple and as hard as that. I have been blessed with some great ones on my side over the years. Per Börjesson has not only made me look really well over the years, he has also got me out of all sorts of trouble in a quite long list of cities and countries. I always trust my Lasse Andersson to make even the stinkiest idea to look fabulous. But today my gratitude goes to David Levin who makes me look good, puts a smile on my face and inspires me tremendously. Thank you David!

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